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imagination is more important than knowledge

Yes but no. Depends on the circumstances I guess.

David X McAllister

Well it can certainly help in the field of hypnosis / hypnotherapy by unlocking the subconscious mind to be open to new ideas and a flow of information.

Although let’s not through the baby out with the bathwater – as most of us have qualifications both formal and informal which have helped us in our different paths in life.

So, I like the image and the sentiment behind it but like everything it is never as clear cut as you would like to think.

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Life’s Demise

Another verse from my youth, I think I had just split from my girlfriend.

Do not cry little one

Shed no tears

Fall not to the ground-

Stand fast

In time remember our friendship :

Love was our strength

Life saw to our demise

Dooby Do?

I remember writing this short verse years ago on a wedding card for a friend who was getting married and I was not too sure as to whether he would go through with it. His nickname was Dooby –

Dooby Do, Dooby Don’t

Dooby Will, Dooby Won’t