We Are All On The Same Journey



My name is David and this my blog.

You are all very welcome to mymindsteps – although it might well be called “yourmindsteps”.

Basically I want to use it as a place where there can be an open sharing of knowledge, ideas and imagination on how we all use our minds as we step through our life journey.

We are all on the same journey yet we take different steps down different paths but they all eventually to the same place.

I would like to see what motivates people to, “do what they do” for the betterment of themselves and others.

What books, films, music, people, art, nature, indeed anything that lights a spark in their life that might just help others to help themselves to self help.

I will of course share what motivates me.

I also run a 4 step mindsteps programme which through deep relaxation ( sometimes referred to as hypnosis) you can go on your own mindsteps journey exploring your past, present and future self and ultimately bring it all together to drive yourself forward to the You you always knew You are.

There are no drugs, magic wands, smoke or indeed mirrors – it  is just  you exploring your mind – changing what you want to change, basically taking control of your thoughts to improve Your life journey.

I believe everyone should get the chance to realise their potential, understand (to whatever extend they need) where they are coming from, enjoy the precious moments of time that is NOW and look forward to improving their life journey and the journey of those they come into contact with.

There you have it my first post!




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