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Placating a sore throat

TCP to me is a stinky gargle

Strepsils ease into a temporary mend

Tunes and Lockets mere sweets- no marvel

Nothing beats sucking a Fisherman’s Friend


imagination is more important than knowledge

Yes but no. Depends on the circumstances I guess.

David X McAllister

Well it can certainly help in the field of hypnosis / hypnotherapy by unlocking the subconscious mind to be open to new ideas and a flow of information.

Although let’s not through the baby out with the bathwater – as most of us have qualifications both formal and informal which have helped us in our different paths in life.

So, I like the image and the sentiment behind it but like everything it is never as clear cut as you would like to think.

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Business Card

I like the “comic” feel to this card but does it make it unreal or does it stand out?

David X McAllister

business card

Thank you to my daughter for her imagination and computer skills in helping with the card design

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Ah here Leave it out

I like the idea of getting rid of weight as if you lose it you might find it again!!

David X McAllister

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Stop SmokingGetting Rid of Weight
Deal with Exam Stress

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This was my first poem for NaPoWriMo- however not really having a clue what I was doing I posted it as a comment on my on about page! So I guess I had better post it properly –

Light reveals the shadows

Moments drift away

Time fades to an endless age –





Ode to unhealthy commuters from healthy commuters


To the Coughers and Wheezers

The Chokers and Sneezers

You must not see us

But please leave us

Rest your heads

Stay in your beds


Life’s Demise

Another verse from my youth, I think I had just split from my girlfriend.

Do not cry little one

Shed no tears

Fall not to the ground-

Stand fast

In time remember our friendship :

Love was our strength

Life saw to our demise